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Why Shrink Wrap?

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Shrink wrapping with a modern thermo film provides the most environmentally sound method of product preservation available.

This ultraviolet inhibitive film (UVI) forms an impermeable barrier around any commodity when shrunken with a propane fired heat gun. ZAP shrink films form a tough, taut weatherproof barrier that will protect your products from the corrosive effects of the elements and also serves as a pilferage deterrent. It provides economical, long-lasting outdoor (and indoor) protection at fractions of the cost of indoor storage, snow, ice and rain slide off the slick exterior surface and airborne dirt and grime is kept away.

What To Look For In A Shrink Wrap Company?

There are three key elements for a successful shrink wrap company and application: materials, technique and experience.

Proper Materials – It is extremely difficult to distinguish the quality of shrink film by visual observation. The amount of UVI (ultra-violet inhibitors), EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), anti-block additive, anti-static agents, biaxial orientation, break strength and elongation in film cannot be visually observed. For example, a common misconception is that a thicker film (higher mils) is a better film when reality it may not be.

Proper Application Technique – There are 3 basic methods of shrink wrapping an object: encapsulation, framing and taping. The method used is determined by its size and shape; whether it is a shipping or storage cover; under what conditions it will be shipped or stored and the length of storage or transportation.

Proper Training and Experience – The person(s) doing the shrink wrapping must be properly trained in the use of the heat gun and aware of the dangers involved in using propane flame. Proper preparation is essential to ensure against cave-in and moisture damage during storage or transportation.

OSHA Compliant Boom Lifts

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Companies Rely on ZAP Shrink Wrap

Turner Construction Company
Masseys Plate Glass and Aluminum, Inc.
The Pike Company
Day and Zimmerman
Safeway Scaffolding
Bae Systems
MFG Construction
Silk Road

I'm confident you will be very pleased with Mark and the ZAP Enterprise Team.

- Dave Hatch,
Entergy Nuclear - Grand Gulf Nuclear Station

We were very happy with ZAP Enterprises shrink wrap products, installation, and expertise.

- Nolan Adams,
The Pike Company

Mark and the crew at ZAP Shrink Wrap do some of the most difficult shrink wrap application jobs in the world with consistent, professional results.

- Mike Stenberg,
President, Dr. Shrink, Inc.