Nuclear Access Trained

Containment Nuclear Excelon Dresdon Nuc Plant IL

ZAP Shrinkwrap’s “Nuclear Shrinkwrap Team,” has the know-how and resources to deploy the manpower and equipment necessary for nuclear shrink-wrap applications.

  • ALL Zap Employees are in the PADS System “Personnel access authorization requirements for nuclear power plants”
  • ALL Zap Employees have multiple plant access experience inside the “Protected Area”

Zap Shrinkwrap is the leader in nuclear shrink-wrap applications.
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Wind Load Protection

Construction Buildings LaMoyne College Pike

Our service quality stands out with our wind load support systems to provide unrivaled reliability on large panel installations.

  • Utilizing our U.S. made premium Dr. Shrink, shrink wrap and our wind load support systems, our shrink wrap installations persevere, even in the most extreme weather conditions
  • ZAP has installed millions of sq/ft of shrinkwrap at multiple locations thru out the Globe

A more reliable, higher quality wrap in the most demanding of applications.
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OSHA Compliant Boom Lifts

OSHA Compliant Boom Lifts

With resources and techniques available, even the more difficult buildings are in reach.

  • We supply certified card holders when it comes to operating lift equipment including Boom and Scissor Lifts
  • ZAP utilizes a “Tried and True” approach that is fully documented with Safety, Quality and Professionalism as our forefront

No size project is out of reach for our methods and equipment.
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Safety Enhanced Exterior Draping

safe zone

Our advanced “Safety Enhanced Exterior Draping” allows for our workers to apply shrink wrap to building projects from the safety of the fall protection zone.

  • This process minimizes safety concerns and allows for a safer, smoother shrink wrap application
  • These application technique’s are unparalleled in the ShrinkWrap application industry

Our safety record says it all - Zero OSHA recordables since 2002.
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International Capabilities

Construction Scaffolding Hayes VA

With stocked, immediate access to well over 1,000,000 lbs. of U.S. made Dr. Shrink premium shrink-wrap, state of the art equipment and accessories, we get on-site fast…and prepared, no matter the location world-wide.

  • ZAP utilizes its greatest asset……”our highly skilled employees”
  • Ask about our International Dr.Shrink training programs, and distribution opprotunities

Our workforce can be mobilized in as little as 48-hrs
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Union & Non-Union

Union & Non-Union

No matter the job requirements, ZAP Shrink Wrap can provide support for both Union & Non-Union Projects.

  • ZAP has multiple relationships with Union Labor in the US
  • ZAP provides a full turn-key installation or we can project manage utilizing the customers skilled labor force

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I'm confident you will be very pleased with Mark and the ZAP Enterprise Team.

- Dave Hatch,
Entergy Nuclear - Grand Gulf Nuclear Station

We were very happy with ZAP Enterprises shrink wrap products, installation, and expertise.

- Nolan Adams,
The Pike Company

Mark and the crew at ZAP Shrink Wrap do some of the most difficult shrink wrap application jobs in the world with consistent, professional results.

- Mike Stenberg,
President, Dr. Shrink, Inc.