We are going to dive head first into another advantage of shrink wrap and its abilities during transportation. Shrink wrap can support transportation efforts of all sizes. Whether it’s going down the road or traveling the sea by barge, shrink wrap has proven to be a reliable protective barrier for equipment and machinery of all types.


Shrink wrap stands alone with its unique ability to form-fit to any object you cover without compromising its durability. Once you “shrink” it, it actually gets tighter and stronger. This can be an unparalleled advantage for many companies looking to have their equipment/machinery transported and show up to the customer in pristine condition.


Shrink wrap is used during transportation for its wide variety of abilities. It provides an excellent weather proof barrier to protect your equipment from the elements (wind, rain, snow, ect.). It

prevents debris, such as little pebbles, on the road from denting or scratching the paint job of a finished product. On the other hand, shrink wrap is popular for containing items during transport that may give off loose particle contamination or harmful debris not allowed by the DOT in the nuclear field.

Regarding transportation by sea, shrink wrap will keep out unwanted water from rain or waves, as well as protect from salt water corrosion. One additional ability is that shrink wrap can act as a cover or shield to protect sensitive items or prototypes from view of the public.

The alternative to shrink wrap, many times, is tarps. Tarps are a very common transportation protection solution that you will see when driving down the highway. Sometimes the items being shipped will have no protection whatsoever; other times they will be in large containers or in specially built crates. These can all be viable methods for transportation, however when it comes to superior protection, they don’t provide the same advantages as shrink wrap most of the time.


Hopefully you have learned a little bit more about shrink wrap and its uses. Depending on the value of what you’re shipping, shrink wrap can be a no brainer as your solution to transportation protection issues.