In today’s blog, we’re going to investigate the benefits of using shrink wrap as compared to tarps. Many people do not realize or understand the advantages of using shrink wrap as compared to alternative methods. So, let’s go through some of the main advantages:


Shrink wrap lasts longer! Tarps do not stand up to shrink wrap in terms of durability. Shrink wrap form fits to whatever shape you are covering. Because the plastic is secured, and tight as a drum, the plastic does not get beat up by the elements such as wind, rain, snow, and hail in the same way a tarp does. The plastic stays in place and doesn’t move the way a loose tarp does, leading to less chance for rips, tears, and abrasion to whatever the shrink wrap is being used to cover because it won’t be flapping against it. This also saves you time. Using a shrink wrap cover will ultimately lead to less time used in having to repair, readjust, or reapply as compared to a tarp that moves around in the wind or is damaged by the outside elements. This leads us to our next advantage of shrink wrap…

Cost Effective

Shrink wrap can be a very cost-effective alternative to a tarp for multiple reasons. Because shrink wrap is so durable (as we discussed earlier) and easy to repair, it lessens the need to replace it for both long and short-term solutions. This also leads to less time needed to upkeep and maintain your cover, whether you’re covering a boat, or a building, time is money and we all want to save both. And don’t worry, just because Shrink wrap is cost effective, it doesn’t mean we are sacrificing the main function of a shrink wrap cover.


Shrink wrap provides the utmost protection when it comes to the elements as compared to a tarp. Due to the way shrink wrap is secured, supported, and shrunk there is nothing better to use when it comes to protecting what’s on the underside of your cover from the outside elements. Whether you’re looking to protect your boat from the snow, your machinery from the wind during shipping, or the inside of your building from the rain, shrink wrap’s protection and weather proofing abilities cannot be matched by a tarp. Shrink wrap not only protects better than a tarp, but it also looks better than a tarp. If you’re looking to protect something from the elements with a cover, but also to look professional in the process, look no further than shrink wrap. And let’s not forget that Shrink wrap is also…

Heavy Equipment


Shrink wrap is made of 100% virgin resins and is non-biodegradable, but easy to recycle into a number of products. So, if you want to do your part for the environment shrink wrap is the perfect blend of weather protection and environmental awareness.


So, next time you’re looking for a durable, cost effective, weatherproof, and professional looking alternative to a tarp; you know shrink wrap is your answer!