As you’ve probably realized, there is a lot more to shrink wrap than meets the eye. One of the hardest aspects to judge of shrink wrap is its thickness, and the eye cannot be trusted to pinpoint differences. Shrink wrap thickness is measured in mil’s, with 1 mil only equaling 1/1000th of an inch. The thinnest shrink wrap available is 6 mils, the largest is 12, and the thickness required for any wrap job is determined by the project.

6 Mil

6 mil shrink wrap is perfect for wrapping smaller items, like boats, pallets, and any machinery that is to be stored. 6 mil wrap is too thin to be used as cover for transport, as it could easily be ripped or punctured by tie-downs or straps.

7 Mil

7 mil shrink wrap is the standard minimum thickness for wrapping boats but is also used for light construction jobs and machinery that may need to be transported.

8-8.5 Mil

8-8.5 mil shrink wrap is an ideal thickness for covering large boats (40’ or larger), large building frames, and large equipment for either transportation or storage.

9 Mil

9 mil is ideal for wrapping machinery, and also works well for containment needs and as scaffolding wrap. This wrap thickness is often used for homes/business restoration after natural disasters.

10 Mil

10 mil shrink wrap is a very versatile thickness, ideal for wrapping large sections of scaffolding, shrink wrapping large products for ocean shipping/freight, and for covering non-traditionally shaped machinery for either transport or storage.

12 Mil

12 mil is the thickest available wrap, usually reserved for scaffolding, government jobs, or any other type of job that requires an extremely durable covering. They are well suited to protect any industrial, marine, construction, or renovation project from harsh elements, no matter what time of year.

Determining the correct thickness for the job is both crucial and complex. Let us accurately assess your job to determine the best wrap for your job or project.