Today’s blog is going to talk about a specific feature of shrink wrap: flame retardancy. Whether or not you need flame retardant shrink wrap depends on what you are using your wrap for. Based on what you or your customer’s needs are, flame retardant wrap comes in 7, 9, and 12-mil thicknesses and both white and clear colors, so it can be suited to fit the requirements of any job or project. All of ZAP Shrink Wrap’s premium flame retardant wraps meet or exceed specifications for self-extinguishment, with an average extinguishment time of 4 seconds once the ignition source is removed.

Flame retardant shrink wrap is typically mandatory on many construction job sites and scaffolding jobs (especially if they are government bids) when/if people will be working under the shrink wrap film. Additionally, flame retardant shrink wrap is commonly used for environmental, lead, and asbestos containment given its special flame retardant additives, anti-static properties, and UV inhibitors. These features make it an ideal choice when you need extra protection/security on containment projects.

Flame retardant wrap is also very useful when wrapping items for transportation. While no one ever plans on having an accident, if one should occur, it’s important to know that the item being shipped won’t be harmed should a fire start. Flame retardant shrink wrap removes any worry of the item going up in flames. Plus, the anti-static properties in the wrap can also minimize the chances of a spark igniting if you’re wrapping equipment that has electrical motors, semi-conductors, or anything else that cannot withstand static discharge.

And while we keep using the phrase “flame retardant”, remember that, just like any other shrink wrap film, it CAN burn. If heat is not correctly applied during the shrink wrapping process, the wrap can ignite into an open flame, and its fire retardant properties will not be strong enough to overcome this. We do recommend keeping a fire extinguisher available at all times, even if working with flame retardant film.

So, the next time you have a project that necessitates flame retardant shrink wrap, reach out to ZAP and rest assured your project will be protected.