In today’s blog we are going to go over one of the greatest assets of shrink wrap: its ability to be quickly and easily repaired.

While most shrink wrap jobs won’t ever have a need for repair, on occasions, the covered items can puncture the shrink wrap or something may force its way through your wrap, thus creating a hole that needs fixing. It is always important to repair damage in your shrink wrap as soon as you find out about it simply because now that one spot is going to weaken the overall integrity of the entire job. If it’s a weatherization job, one spot may get exposed to the elements. If it’s a containment job, that one spot may allow harmful particles and debris to enter the air. And with hole repair being so easy, it just doesn’t make sense NOT to repair it.

Small Holes

The size of the hole will determine the best way for it to be repaired. If it is only a small hole, less than 2” in diameter, then it can quickly be repaired using shrink wrap tape. Shrink wrap tape comes in many varieties, including preservation tap, heat shrink tape, and anti-chafe tape; all of these come with options for mil thickness, width, and color.

Large Holes

If the hole is larger than 2”, it’s recommended to repair it using another piece of shrink wrap. Simply tape the large piece over the hole and then lightly shrink or weld a new piece of wrap to the old piece. Once shrunk, it’s like the hole never even existed. It truly is that easy.


The most important thing to remember when repairing holes, either with tape or more shrink wrap, is to be careful you don’t accidentally touch the product underneath the wrap. It can be all too easy to accidentally melt the repair material directly onto the product instead of the old wrap. Instead of a repair, that just leaves you with an entirely different sort of problem.

So, now that you know how quick and easy it is to repair shrink wrap, try it out for your next shipping, storage, construction, or containment project.