Asbestos Plastic Wrap for Relief and Abatement

Zap Shrink Wrap Can Contains hazardous Waste

Given our reliable and inexpensive containment methods, ZAP’s asbestos plastic wrap has been a valuable resource in hazardous waste and asbestos containment projects for nearly 30 years


Heat fused shrink wrap is critically important for chemical stripping of hazardous material and can contain virtually 100% of chemical abatement residuals

Asbestos Containment

By employing ZAP Shrink Wrap for your asbestos containment solutions, the environment is kept clean of dangerous dust and hazardous particles

Shrink wrap has proven to be a cost effective and reliable method for containment of many different phases of a construction project including asbestos removal. Our products and techniques create a complete seal of the worksite keeping all harmful asbestos and debris contained. ZAP Shrink Wrap has extensive experience in supporting asbestos containment jobs throughout the country.

We Offer

  • Employees who are fully trained and experienced in the shrink wrap application process for asbestos containment
  • Fully documented/tried-and-true application techniques
  • Fully outfitted trucks and trailers with state of the art installation equipment on-standby for rapid response


  • Every project starts with a Full Fall Hazard Analysis Plan (FHA), Job Hazard Analysis Plan (JHA), and Standard Operation Procedure Plan (SOP) along with installation drawings
  • We supply certified card holders to operate lift equipment including Boom and Scissor Lifts
  • All of our Project Management Team members have experience in containment applications

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Can I put in doors or windows?

Yes! Many customers will ask if we can provide a window or door in the shrink wrap, and zipper doors are one of the easiest and quickest ways to make this happen. Doors come in all shapes and sizes and are made of your choice of shrink wrap with double-reinforced stitched zippers. It is as easy as taping the door wherever it is needed and cutting out the wrap behind it to give access. For larger access doors, a custom-made zipper door can be fashioned. Windows are even easier and can be made by using a larger piece of clear shrink wrap over a hole in the opaque wrap. Ready to get started with our high-quality asbestos encapsulation products? Contact us today to discuss your asbestos wrap options.

Want to learn more about doors and windows for shrink wrap? Check out our blog Shrink Wrap Doors & Windows to learn more.

Additional Projects

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