Containment Shrink Wrapping For Military

Military wrap job

Whether it’s for long- or short-term use, ZAP Shrink Wrap’s team can complete any military shrink wrap job they receive

Wrapped military equipment

Some military equipment and machinery is confidential and must be handled accordingly: ZAP Shrink Wrap is equipped and trained to handle these projects


Our safety record says it all: since ’02 we’ve had zero OSHA recordables and a less than 1 EMR rating

ZAP Shrink Wrap has been honored to protect and safely secure shipments for countless projects and industries throughout the country and the world. Shrink wrap has proven its adaptability to many different shapes and sizes making the applications and uses endless whether shipping by land, air or sea. ZAP’s methods have demonstrated time and again to be a viable alternative to the current standards in the shipping industry.

We Offer

  • Employees that are fully trained and experienced in the shrink wrap application and shipping specific processes
  • Fully documented/tried-and-true application techniques
  • Fully outfitted trucks and trailers with state of the art installation equipment on standby for rapid response


  • Every project starts with a Full Fall Hazard Analysis Plan (FHA), Job Hazard Analysis Plan (JHA), and Standard Operation Procedure Plan (SOP) along with installation drawings
  • We supply certified card holders to operate lift equipment including Boom and Scissor Lifts
  • All ZAP Shrink Wrap employees are OSA 10 certified

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Does color matter?

Yes! Each color of shrink wrap has different properties and uses, with the most common colors being blue, white, and clear.

Blue is best used for winter storage, because blue shrink wrap absorbs the sunlight and allows snow and ice to melt and slide off the cover easily. However, it should never be used for transport because blue wrap loosens when heated. White shrink is the color that is used most often because it allows sunlight into the enclosure and reduces the need for secondary lighting. Unlike blue wrap, white shrink wrap stays tight in all weather conditions. Clear shrink wrap is often used for greenhouses but can also be used for making windows or doors in items covered in white or blue shrink wrap.

Interested in learning more about what color wrap best suits your job? Read our blog post Choosing a Color for more details.

Additional Projects

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