Building Shrink Wrap for Construction Projects & More

Wrapped Exterior Windows

Don’t sacrifice light for practicality: ZAP Shrink Wrap’s team can cover building exteriors and windows with a tight fitting, high-end wrap that still allows light transmission

Stocked Warehouse

With immediate access to over 1,000,000 lbs. of U.S. made premium shrink wrap and state of the art equipment and accessories, we get on-site fast and prepared

Exterior Building Shrink Wrap

ZAP Shrink Wrap’s sealed joints and taut application ensure complete protection from the elements with little to no follow up visits for repair

ZAP has supported countless projects throughout the U.S. and the globe with our exterior shrink wrap solutions. A time tested process, it can be a cheaper and quicker alternative to current market standards. Our patented techniques are suited to fit any need and any size. ZAP Shrink Wrap’s process has proven time and again to be useful and effective when covering building exteriors with our building shrink wrap to keep both workers and interiors safe and dry.

We Offer

  • Fully outfitted trucks and trailers with state of the art installation equipment on standby for rapid response
  • Employees who are fully trained and experienced in the shrink wrap application process for any size building
  • Certified card holders to operate lift equipment including Boom and Scissor Lifts


  • All ZAP Shrink Wrap employees are OSHA 10 certified
  • Our large panel/building application processes are preformed within the fall protection zone, which “minimizes exposure” and risk to workers
  • Every project starts with a Full Fall Hazard Analysis Plan (FHA), Job Hazard Analysis Plan (JHA), and Standard Operation Procedure Plan (SOP) along with installation drawings

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What makes a hard construction project even harder?

You guessed it, the answer is the elements. They are completely out of your control and sometimes, they can bring extreme cold or sweltering heat, neither of which aid when working long hours outside. But, regardless, the construction must go on.

Shrink wrap is an awesome and effective tool to help provide climate control to construction or demolition projects. Whether you’re looking to keep outside elements contained or inside elements controlled, shrink wrap can provide the solution you’re looking for at an affordable cost. The best part? Once wrapped, structures and projects can remain protected for several years (although we hope the construction won’t take THAT long).

Interested in learning more? Read our blog post Shrink Wrap for Climate Control to learn more about our building shrink wrap solutions.

Additional Projects

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