Containment Shrink Wrapping For Temp Ceilings

Containing Hazardous Waste with a Shrink Wrap Ceiling

ZAP Shrink Wrap’s sheeting can be used for temporary roofs and ceilings to provide weather protection and/or environmental containment to construction sites and projects

Shrink Wrap on Roof

Perfect for smaller or awkwardly shaped roofs, shrink wrapping is more versatile and customizable than tarps or other temporary methods

Light Allowing Temp Ceiling

ZAP Shrink Wrap’s temporary ceilings will help you save costs given their excellent light transmission rate, which allows all available natural light to enter the work area

Shrink Wrap has been used as a temporary ceiling or roof on countless projects throughout the globe. The ability of ZAP’s techniques to fully contain areas makes shrink wrap a perfect system to enclose overhead spaces quickly and effectively.

We Offer

  • Fully outfitted trucks and trailers with state of the art installation equipment on-standby for rapid response
  • Service quality that stands due to our wind load support system, which provides unrivaled reliability on large panel installations
  • Employees that are fully trained and experienced in the shrink wrap application process


  • Every project starts with a Full Fall Hazard Analysis Plan (FHA), Job Hazard Analysis Plan (JHA), and Standard Operation Procedure Plan (SOP) along with installation drawings
  • We supply certified card holders to operate lift equipment including Boom and Scissor Lifts
  • All of our Project Management Team members have experience in construction applications

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Additional Projects

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