Containment Shrink Wrapping For Aircraft

Wrapped helicopter=

The elements can do a lot of damage to aviation parts and components, therefore all aviation wraps feature our 12 Mil Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap Material

Zap Warehouse

Not only does ZAP Shrink Wrap protect the exterior of aircraft, it also attends to internal parts like computer components, electronics, or ferrous metals

Wrapped Jet Engine

At ZAP, we are proficient at connecting and shaping multiple pieces of plastic to properly mold the plastic tight to the aircraft

ZAP has been shrink wrapping planes and other aircraft for well over 30 years. Our knowledge and experience has been vital in our ability to wrap all components of aviation devices; we focus not just on the exterior of the aircraft, but also attend to internal parts like computer components and electronics. Our familiarity in this industry has led to proven results with aircrafts of all sizes.

We Offer

  • Fully outfitted trucks and trailers with state of the art installation equipment for aircrafts, planes, gliders, helicopters and more; ready on standby for rapid response
  • Employees that are fully trained and experienced in the shrink wrap application and aircraft specific processes
  • Fully documented/tried-and-true application techniques


  • All ZAP Shrink Wrap employees are OSHA 10 certified
  • Every project starts with a Full Fall Hazard Analysis Plan (FHA), Job Hazard Analysis Plan (JHA), and Standard Operation Procedure Plan (SOP) along with installation drawings
  • We are proud to have zero OSHA recordables since 2002 and a less than 1 EMR rating

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Do I need flame retardant shrink wrap?

The answer to this question all depends on what you are using your wrap for. Based on what you or your customer’s needs are, shrink wrap can be suited to all requirements. Flame retardant shrink wrap is mandatory on many construction job sites and scaffolding jobs, especially jobs that are government bids. Depending on what and where your shrink wrap is being used, flame retardant wrap comes in 7, 9 and 12 mil, so the proper thickness for the job can be chosen.

Want to learn more about flame retardant wraps? Check out our blog Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap for more information.

Additional Projects

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